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Tim Spear

Tim began his career in financial services in 1996. He has been fortunate to have a thriving practice assisting clients with their needs as the cornerstone to his success. Working as an independent, he is not tied to one company's products, but rather he is free to seek out the best products to fit a particular client's needs.

How We work with you

As an independent financial planner, Tim's goals are simple...to provide sound, financial advice, focusing and identifying risks that if left unchecked, could ruin even the best made plans. Tim knows the importance of trust in any relationship - trust that has to be earned based on honest and objective advice and unparalled customer service.

In assisting clients, assessments of a client's present situation are made and plans are designed. Choices are professionally presented. Implementation happens easily and efficiently. Regular reviews are vital to make necessary adjustments in the future as market conditions and personal situations require adjustments in keeping goals and accomplishments on track.

Client recommendations are one of the best compliments that one can enjoy in a fulfilling career of serving clients. Those recommendations are also a humbling testimony to the efforts put forth at Spear Financial, Inc.